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Bogdan Pelenychka: «Sodium hypochlorite from «KARPATNAFTOCHIM»Ltd. –is one of the most effective means for premises and territories decontamination»

Sodium hypochlorite, produced at «KARPATNAFTOCHIM» Ltd and provided to Kalush Municipal Council in a required scope on charitable basis is currently continued to be used in the town for disinfection of premises, institutions, enterprises, doorways and staircases of dwelling houses, small and large architectural constructions, garbage areas, pavements, through passages, etc.
It is also used in medical institutions, and namely in Kalush Central Hospital and in the contagious ward of Kalush Regional Hospital for decontamination of corridors, divisions, where are staying and having treatment patients with pneumonia, suspicion on coronavirus infection and with diagnosis of COVID-19 confirmed by laboratory
About this situation was informed per telephone to editorial staff of «NK» by Bogdan Pelenychka– Chief of Kalush urban-district branch of State Administration, «Ivano-Frankivsk regional laboratory centre of Ukraine Ministry of Health Protection».
– Necessity of disinfection of premises, streets and other areas of people location is a burning issue in the conditions of prevention of infecting and spreading morbid events, caused by coronavirus COVID-19 on the territory of t. Kalush, – says B. Pelenychka. – Disinfection gives the chance to purify the environment against viruses, bacteria and harmful microorganisms. And one of the most effective agents for decontamination of premises and territories is sodium hypochlorite. Not only am I absolutely convinced in this. It’s pretty good that in Kalush is the enterprise with production of this disinfecting agent, and our town has in proper time and free of charge received from the above-mentioned enterprise a required amount of sodium hypochlorite. From the very beginning of quarantine imposition in Ukraine, with the aim of prevention of coronavirus spreading in all cities and districts everybody rushed to buy means of protection and that is why even disinfectants were in deficiency.
At «KARPATNAFTOCHIM» Ltd. sodium hypochlorite in each vessel, which is shipped to the consumers for fight with coronavirus infection, is being investigated by the laboratory of the Company. Correspondingly a Test Report for this disinfecting agent is drawn up with indication of weight concentration of active chlorine as well as alkali in the recalculation on NaOH (sodium hydroxide). Subject to these concentrations the solution is diluted by a certain amount of water, and then it can be used for disinfection or decontamination. From the enterprise is also possible to get recommendation concerning the ratio of water and received sodium hypochlorite with actual weight concentrations during dilution of disinfecting agent.
PS. As on April 16, workers of Membrane Chlorine and Caustic Soda Plant of «KARPATNAFTOCHIM» Ltd. shipped on charitable basis to cities Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne, Ternopil, Kolomyia, Monastyrysk, Dubno and others nearly 200 tons of sodium hypochlorite.


Petrochemists presented to the city an incendiary New Year’s concert

Kalush was entertained by the charismatic Arsen Mirzoyan and the colourful FIINKA         On December 24, in Kalush at the main square of the city an incredible New Year’s action took place with the participation of Ukrainian pop stars and famous bands, which was presented to the community by «KARPATNAFTOCHIM» Ltd.        First […]

The city’s main Christmas tree, donated by KARPATNAFTOCIM Ltd., will shine with lights and 3-D illuminations

This year the main New-year-Christmas tree in Kalush will be a special one and for the first time artificial. Funds for its purchase were not used from the budget of the city. The sponsor was «KARPATNAFTOCHIM». The height of the artificial Christmas tree reaches 16 meters, and at its top will shine a two-meter Christmas […]